Professional quality and durability

Our professional machines are ideal where domestic appliances are not powerful enough or do not fulfil prevailing hygiene requirements. We have professional washers, dryers, drying cabinets and dishwashers in our range. They are typically robust machines that are built to be used many times a day. They all have long durability, are easy to use and are equipped with special and shorter programs to fulfil the demands from our customers.
Wide range of professional business areas
Our professional machines fulfil professional users’ demands for userfriendliness, quick programs, durability, good operating economy and environmental friendliness. Our machines are suitable for a wide range of customer groups: energy companies, institutions/ offices, self-service laundries, cleaning companies, hotels and restaurants, health care, camping/marinas, marine/ offshore and salons/leisure.

Long durability
We test all our washers, dryers and dishwashers before they leave our factories. We also perform long life tests which equate to around 15.000 cycles of professional use. Every detail right down to component level is tested. We conduct tests in laboratories, endurance tests at extra high temperatures, leakage and electricity safety tests. Our professional washers and dryers have stainless steel top and front. This makes them long lasting and resistant towards chemicals, and ideal to place in a rough environment.

Environmentally friendly solutions
Our professional washers are both water and energy efficient and some models are marked with the Swan label. The Swan is the best known Nordic Ecolabel for health and environmentally friendly products, and indicates that the certified products meet very strict and tough demands on the environment and quality. Since 1999 the ASKO factories have also had environmental certification in accordance with ISO 14001, which means that everything is done in as environmentally friendly a way as possible An example of this is that all components in our appliances that weigh more than 50 grams are labelled for recycling.

ECO – a smart choice
Our professional washers and dishwashers are all ECO models and can be connected to a hot water intake. This is ideal when you have an environmentally friendly and economic source of hot water, such as, solar panels or a heat pump. On a White/Colour 60º program you save as much as 12 minutes (20%) and 70% of the washer’s electrical energy consumption. By using hot water intake to your dishwasher you save as much as 20 minutes or so in time and up to 50% of the dishwasher’s electrical energy consumption on a normal program.